A Managing General Underwriting Agency

We are a specialized insurance provider that, unlike traditional insurance agents, is vested with substantial authority from the insurers it represents

As a Managing General Underwriting Agency (an “MGU”), RP Underwriting has unique legal authorization on behalf of a number of insurance carriers to develop its own insurance products, evaluate exposures, underwrite risks and handle claims. Our authorization is contractually managed through binder agreements with our carriers giving us the power of attorney to provide binding policy terms, set pricing and to settle claims. Our MGU authority extends to the evaluation and underwriting of risks, binding of policies, fiscal representation, pricing, policy drafting, the appointment of retail agents, handling and adjusting of claims as well as claims payments.

In accordance with the Binding Authority in place, we work in the interests of the respective insurance company(ies) and/or Syndicate(s) on risk. Policy documents, quotes and claims settlements will all be conducted in the RP Underwriting name, however, each insurance quote and policy document will carry the legal name of the insurance company who bears the risk for a given policy. RP Underwriting, Inc. (d/b/a RPUW Insurance Services in certain States) is licensed in all 50 States with the relevant financial services regulatory authorities.